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Inspiration and Processes


Jo is from the Akan tribe. The colours white, black and red are integral to the Ghanaian dress code for life’s rituals and ceremonies. Kente, gold and beaded jewellery are important features in dressing to celebrate special occasions.

Initially inspired by the Memphis art movement Jo now incorporates classic techniques of carving, casting, weaving and beading, along with Akan symbolism and patterns into her jewellery and printmaking.


Jo create 3D forms in clay, porcelain and wax which are then cast in metal. She works in sterling silver and gold adding colour through stone setting and enamelling. 

She also enjoys beading and uses small micro beads to large African handmade glass beads.

She makes bespoke pieces, low quantities and samples which are available to order so reducing the need to hold large stock. 


Jo's packing boxes are designed and made by Jo. She prints her bespoke patterns, cuts and make up the boxes. The small box is made from one sheet of A4 card and the large box is made out of is sheet of A3 card.

Quality Material 

Based in South London, Jo sources material from reputable companies nationally and internationally.  

Jo is registered with the Goldsmiths Company in London. They test and guarantee the precious metals used in her work conforms to all legal standards of material purity.

Jo's maker's mark is on every piece of jewellery (made from precious metal over a certain weight depending on the metal) so you can be confident that you are receiving an authentic piece designed and made by her.

Hallmarks and what to look for.

For an initial chat contact Jo.