Collection: Nwene

Nwene (woven) beaded collection uses beads from Asia, patterns and a colour palate that is authentically Ghanaian while maintaining a contemporary styling.

Beaded jewellery is a main staple in the Ghanaian female and male ceremonial attire. Beads are passed down as family heirlooms to be used in ceremonies celebrating life’s special occasions.

The Kente cloth is one of the instantly recognisable pieces of original African arts and crafts with its distinctive colour palate and intricate patterns that are uniquely African. Originating from Ghana the weaves and patterns varies across the country.

Inspired by the process of the Ghanaian Kente cloth the Nwene collection is made of glass and sterling silver. The glass beads are woven to create simple patterns that echoes the patterns of the Kente cloth. The choice of hues represents the white dress code for new mothers in the Akan communities. The black and red and black and white represent the dress code worn to mark and celebrate a life well lived.