Collection: Akua maa

The Akua maa (Akua's babies) collection takes its form from features of the fertility doll Akuaba (Akua's baby) and is inspired by the Ghanaian day name custom.

An Akuaba doll is usually carved from God’s tree. In Ghana the wooden dolls are given to young girls as toys. Adult females carry the dolls, when they are seeking to start a family as it is believed that an Akuaba can aid fertility.

Akan day names
The custom of day names is prevalent across all Ghanaian tribes. New-borns automatically acquires a name according to the gender and day of the week on which it is born. During an Outdooring ceremony (Christening), the child receives the name chosen by its parent. The "day name" remains with the child throughout life. Like the principle of the zodiac signs, it is believed that people born on the same weekday share common characteristics.

Consisting of a set of seven castings representing each of the Akan female day names, the names various slightly between the tribes.

Akan female day names:

  • Monday – Adwoa
  • Tuesday – Abena
  • Wednesday – Akua
  • Thursday – Yaa
  • Friday – Afua
  • Saturday – Ama
  • Sunday – Akosua

The process
The forms are first carved in wax and then caste in recycled sterling silver or gold using the lost wax method.

Akua maa studs can be worn as a mix and match pairing. All of Akua's babies have their own unique characteristics, style, and charm and enjoy being seen and talked about.